How to Sponsor a New Player

Becoming a Sponsor:

In order to play Ashland vs. Outland, one must first be sponsored by an existing player. Accounts must be held by individuals, and individuals cannot have more than one account. Therefore, sponsorship and then a verification process is required.

In order to become a player, an existing player must sponsor them and vouge for their identity. If it is found that a sponsor signed up an individual using fraudulent information, the sponsor will be removed from the game. So be sure that if you are sponsoring an individual, their identity is accurate. Doing this is important as the game has a monetary system based on population, and fraudulent accounts would destroy the game.

In order to ensure that a sponsor isn't simply creating fraudulent accounts, after a new player is signed up, the new player must be verified by two verifiers in their region. A verifier is a player which signs up to take on the responsibility of verifying players. A verifier will receive 25 Ash for verifying a new player.

When a new player joins the game, 1,000 Ash and 100 Water are created. These are the two types of currency used in the game. The new player receives 900 Ash, the sponsor receives 50 Ash, and the two verifiers receive 25 Ash each.

When sponsoring a new player it is important to have a personal relationship with the new player or be able to verify their identity. If it is found that you are sponsoring someone under the wrong name, or it is found that you are creating fraudulent accounts, your account will be deleted and you will lose your balance of Ash and Water. So, be sure to verify their complete name.

If you are comfortable sponsoring individuals and earning a bit of extra game currency, all you need to do is fill out the form on this page.

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