If at any point in reading this you find yourself less than entertained please feel free to set yourself on fire and jump off a skyscraper. I promise you that if you do, I will feel less than any grief in your passing; as if you take my recommendation literally, I am truly sorry to say that the world is probably a better place without you. You can consider yourself responsible for the banning of merry-go-rounds and warning labels on cancer sticks. I fear that I may be wasting my time here as I seriously doubt that more than three people from my entire friends list will actually make it to the end of this posting. If it can't be summed up with a one line brainless snarky comment and a stupic cat pic how many of you actually pay attention? But, if I am incorrect and you make it through this posting, please feel free to flame it and talk trash about me in the comments section. At least if you do, you will be showing me that you have the capacity for independent thought.

We have entered a new age. With all of the breakthroughs we've had in recent years, what have we gained? Is there more or less war? Is there more or less pain and suffering? Is there more or less corruption? Is there more addiction, crime, warlords and dictators? What has actually gotten better? Do you realize that the existance of this behavior, ALL OF IT, is because the people as a whole accept it? You accept it! And with your help I can prove it!

The first thing I needed to do to change the world is form my own country. I searched and searched for unclaimed lands so that I could create my new nation which could bring peace to the planet, treking far off lands and suffering from insect swarms, disease, starvation, and long days wandering deserts. I simply could not find new lands to found my nation to combat evil.

No, none of that actually happened. I probably spent too much time out on the boat fishing. But that's where I found the land where I would drive this flag of peace and create a new peaceful nation.

It's all basic really. The irony is that everyone is taught to believe that you can't actaully make a difference in this world. Sure  we celebrate those who try, but how much can one man actually accomplish while accepting the bullshit we are fed from the day we are born.

Through my studies of economics I've found a few truths.

First, what is a nation? People think that it's a large land mass with borders and people. That's crap. A nation is a group of people allowing themselves to be governed under an accepted system.

Second, you can't have any real nation without it having its own currency, and you can't have a currency without it having the backing of a nation. Nations force their citizens to transact in their monetary system as a means of control.

Third, you have been lied to about what is valuable. In order for something to be money, according to the authorities on the subject, it must have certain properties. It must be durable, portable, divisible, uniform, in limited supply, and accepted. Total horse shit! Did  you notice that the human element is completely absent from the equation? Do you realize that this means that money is a concept based on what others have without you having any share in a system which completely governs your lives. A nation which doesn't back its currency with its people is a system of slavery, not a system of freedom.

Fourth, a free society will NEVER exist by creating leaders through expensive popularity contests. Popularity contests are good for fashion magazines, Hollywood actors, and class clowns, but never will a popularity contest lead to a free society. This notion that the populace is to dumb to govern itself and that we are choosing our best and brightest to govern in a capatilist society through popularity contests is, well, far to many expressions come to mind to complete that sentence.

So, I'm investing in a little social experiment to prove that the evil in the world only exists because people all around the world allow it to exist. And here is my little social experiment.

One, nations are a group of people allowing themselves to be governed under an accepted system. So, what would stop me from forming a virtual nation? A nation where you can choose to be or not to be a part. Of course if you choose to be a part of this virtual nation you would have to abide by the rules of both nations. We call this new nation Ashland.

Two, we have created a monetary system for our new nation. Our nation will use the power of its membership to enforce its value.

Three, I don't place value on commodities. If there is no demand there is no value. Demand comes from the desire to acquire of the masses. So without people to desire a commodity does it have any value? No. So lets back this currency with the people. Not metal, not oil, not crap other people have; it will be a representation of what you can produce over the course of your life. Every member will be given their equal share in the system which they participate upon joining. Everyone starts with something because this nation is equal to all members.

Four, we will not have elections, we will have lotteries. This nation will have districts of no more than 20,000 citizens where lotteries will be held forming committees of nine individuals who will set terms in their districts. Every three months a new lottery will be held and a new group of nine individuals will be appointed.

This is free to you. I'm fronting the expense of this new system because I believe in it. Ashland will be releasing on a new virtual platform beginning in early 2020. It is currently in pre-alpha. It hosts a trading platform where citizens of Ashland can trade a completely transparent monetary system, where lotteries will take place for districts, and people will be able to realize that limited government and a free system empowering citizens utilizing a transparent monetary system will lead to prosperity and kill corruption at its roots.

This is the undiscovered country. This is the country those in power fear most. Small districts able to remove a criminals citizenship in Ashland. Able to cut out the evil and corrupt through a vote of the council. A revolving council which the haves will never be able to own and their attempt to purchase votes could result in their removal from the monetary system, the only monetary system truly accepted by the people as it is the only system backed by the people.