Mission Statement:

We are seeking to evolve the world into a system which is completely transparent and truly representative of the people.

What is even more important than what we guarantee is our method for achieving our goals. We have developed an unorthodox method of evolving out planets governments into a system designed to ensure the individuals are protected, not just in one nation, but all nations.

These methods have been developed in such a way to combat the following global issues:

  • Global War
  • Mass Migration
  • Criminal Cartels and Overlords
  • Local & International Crime Syndicates
  • Local Criminal Activities
  • Enabling of Poor Choices
  • Local and Federal Government Corruption & Dictatorships
  • Corporate/Party Funded Media
  • Monetary Enslavement
  • Corporate Corruption & Harmful Acts against Humanity

Everything about our organization is framed for the good of the people. We promote equality and a system truly representative of our membership. We encourage all people accross the globe to become members and promote this truly transparent and freedom loving group of individuals.